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Asociatia Brukenthalia (Brukenthalia Association)
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A sad story ... not only a story, though

Brukenthal National Museum and Brukenthalia Association launch the White Palace - Dark Story Campaign for the Brukenthal Palace restoration.

manifestWhite Palace - Dark Story is a Transylvanian tell; not about a castle and a count, but about a palace and a baron; not about a mysterious legacy, but about a public one. It is the story of a centuries old dream that sees its light fading away in our days.
Brukenthal Palace and the collections of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal were testamentary destined to a public life. Due to the aggravating conservation state of the building, the partial restriction of the visitor access is imminent, the palace getting step by step closer to locking its gates.
Brukenthal National Museum has grown from the Palace's roots, sharing its identity. For each of us, Brukenthal National Museum will continue to exist. Brukenthal Palace will exist only for those prone to consciousness.
In the 18th century, Samuel von Brukenthal wrote:
"I don't believe that the spirit of things will change thanks to the few, but I am rather convinced that the good will rise and erupt soon, with all its force, from this disorder."
Between 1st of March and 31st of May 2015, the White Palace - Dark Story Campaign aims to raise the awareness of the visiting public community beyond local, national or even European borders.
Prove that the world of ignorance and indifference is a small one!
Join the campaign! Sign the petition!

The cultural world of Brukenthal Palace is your legacy too!