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The Transylvanian Lapidarium


The collection of Transylvanian medieval and early modern pieces of sculpture was put together step by step, starting in the second part of 19th century. It comprises pieces dated in 13th 19th centuries. During the 19th century and in the 20th century as well, the number of collected items constantly increased, especially through the means of acquisitions and donations. Most of the pieces are of a local provenience, being the result of the continuous building transformations which took place during the last two centuries
Entitled The Transylvanian Sculpture in Stone (13th 19th centuries), the permanent exhibition comprises exhibits that were arranged on several categories. The chronological criteria and the architectonic ordering were the first took into consideration along with considering the rough materials out of which the pieces were made or the similar stylistic features. The exhibition comprises pieces of architectonic items, statues, coat of arms, construction inscriptions, monuments or items of funerary ensembles, decorative relieves. Worth to be mentioned are the exhibits made of alabaster (coat of arms and decorative relives), the limestone allegorical statue representing Luxury and the pieces considered in the 19th century to date as early as the Roman Antiquity.


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